Accepted Items

Aluminum cans

  • No foil, tin cans, pet food cans, or scrap metal
  • No machine-crushed cans.
  • No debris or liquids.

Plastic bottles

  • Remove and dispose of bottle caps.
  • Separate each plastic type #1 through #7.

Glass bottles

  • No broken glass or windows

The PRC accepts the following paper types:

  • Cardboard (no wax coating, Styrofoam or egg cartons)
  • Paper grocery bags (no plastic bags)
  • Newspaper
  • Magazine
  • Ledger/office paper


  • All loads valued over $100 are redeemable by check only. A CA drivers license or ID card is required. Load size is per vehicle and will not be split between customers.
  • All loads valued over $50 require a CA driver’s license or ID card, or a CA license plate number.
  • Loads contaminated with excessive moisture, dirt, sand, or other debris may not receive full redemption value.
  • Loads containing mixed CRV and non-CRV materials of the same type are priced at a reduced rate.

Additional Information on Recycling

Items Not Accepted at Petaluma Recycling