Welcome to OADS

Old Adobe Developmental Services (OADS) has been around since 1971. OADS connects people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities to their communities through employment and education.


Currently we operate seven distinct programs throughout Sonoma County.

Committed to Quality, Inclusion & Choice.

OADS Joins UCP of the North Bay

We are excited to announce the new partnership of Old Adobe Developmental Services (OADS) and UCP of the North Bay, to offer expanded and improved services.  Both organizations have excellent community reputations and have been serving people with disabilities for over 40 years. OADS will retain its name, programs, and services as part of UCP of the North Bay.

UCP of the North Bay will continue to operate all programs under our organizational values, policies, and procedures and program structure.

Work will be offered to OADS participants and reimbursed at minimum wage or above, the UCP of the North Bay model used at our Social Enterprises: WineBev Services and Gone For Good.  Focus will be directed toward generating additional work opportunities for those we serve.  Supported Employment opportunities will continue to be actively cultivated and job training and placement will be emphasized.  There will be additional opportunities for participants to work on social skills and self-advocacy goals through the ISP process.

The long-term sustainability and program offerings of both organizations will be greatly enhanced by this partnership.  We look forward to many more years of quality service delivery to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Thank you for your support of UCP of the North Bay and OADS throughout this process.




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